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Home >> Products >> Network PTZ camera >> D1 series network PTZ camera >> HK-SNIV8222, HK-SNIV8182, HK-SNIV8272, HK-SNIV8362

120M IR Network PTZ camera

Model #: HK-SNIV8222, HK-SNIV8182, HK-SNIV8272, HK-SNIV8362

IR functions

  1. Indoor and Outdoor waterproof IR Speed Dome Camera
  2. Two group IR LED, 14pcs 1W LED,and the IR distance is 120M
  3. The IR led can change according distance .if the distance is less than 30m ,only 6pcs LED on , if the distance is more than 30 , the 14pcs LED will turn on .the temperature will be less than 48 °C after 8 hours continuous working .

Compression functions

  1. high-density and programmable communication media processor Hisilicon Hi3510,SOC single chip solution,equipped with two processors,ARM9 and DSP
  2. H.264 Main Profile@Level 3, realize transmission of High Definition video over low network bandwidth easily.
  3. Up to 30 frames per second in all resolutions ranging up to D1(720*480)
  4. Low power consuming of the DSP, suit to long time running
  5. The encoding parameter can be adjusted dynamically (bit rate/frame rate/image quality)
  6. streaming format (video streaming or audio & video streaming) can be Optional
  7. Support dual-bitstream output

Network functions

  1. Mobile Phone Support(Iphone &Google Android)
  2. Built-in Web server enables the use of a standard Web browser for viewing and management
  3. Support 3G mobile wireless remote control and view ip camera
  4. Support dynamic IP address , LAN, Internet (ADSL and Cable Modem)
  6. ONVIF Ver. 2.2 conformance
  7. Auto-adjusting frame rate according to realtime network rate
  8. Support whole TCP/IP protocol
  9. Encryption technology of the user name/password/compression bit rate, preventing lawless stealing the information
  10. Up to 10 viewers can directly access the camera simultaneously
  11. Support Third-party software: American Dynamics/Avigilon/Digifort/NUUO/Milestone/Qnap/Blueiris/iTV/Axxon etc.

Record functions

  1. Provide Manual / Timing / Alarm / Motion-detection recording functions
  2. Provide record through the network

  3. High Speed Dome Camera Feature

  4. New high strength aluminum-titanium alloy structure, effectively prevent deforming and keep surface bright
  5. Newly-designed black shield inner cover, more concealing
  6. Static remove dust, double deck ventilate hole constant temperature design, apply IP66 safety standard.
  7. High quality step motor and belt, make it more reliable
  8. Intelligent speed shift, 0.5°/S-180°/S smooth pan shift, 0.5°/S-120°/S tilt shift, 180° auto flip, 360° continuous revolve.
  9. 220 preset points and 3 groups multiple cruise, every group 16 preset points.
  10. programmable setting cruise speed between presets and presets stick time,1-64 level cruise speed setting and 1-60 second preset stick time.
  11. Color 18X, 22x,27x,36x optics camera module.
  12. proportional zooming, reduce pan/tile speed according to zooming level, ensure clear and balanced image,get the best picture.
  13. Private zone masking ,can freely set private zone masking, direct proportion enlarge or shrink to lens zooming level.
  14. Inbuilt multiple protocol, allow any system.
  15. Power-off information protect and inbuilt surge, lightning strike protection device.
  16. Accessory function: Vandal-prevent device.

Technical Index

  1. Support multi-decoding types
  2. Support setting and calling the Preset positions and Auto Scanning paths
  3. Up to 10 users to access the Network Cameras
  4. upport mature Central Management Software and the software can be custom-tailored
  5. Support Bi-directional Voice,1ch Mic input and 1ch linear audio output.
  6. Auto-recovery after exception occurs or the network being reconnect.
  7. Alarm recording: video lost, motion detection and sensor alarm
  8. level running: 360° continuous revolve, 180° auto flip.t.
  9. Presets points quantity: 220pcs program speed and stick time.
  10. Cruising Route:3 groups multiple cruise, max to 16 preset points every group.
  11. Private zone masking: can set by yourself.
  12. Proportional zooming: six grade.
  13. Auto-reset: can set by yourself.
  14. Baud rate: 1200/2400/4800/9600 optional.
  15. Control protocol: Multi-Protocols.
  16. Power supply: 12VAC 5A .
  17. Temperature Operation :-40°C;-60°C; .
  18. Installation option: Wall mounting bracket, Suspending installation bracket, in-ceiling.


Model HK-SNIV8362 HK-SNIV8182 HK-SNIV8222 HK-SNIV8272
Image Sensor 1/4 -type Super HAD CCD 1/4 Exview HAD CCD 1/4 sony super HAD CCD 1/4 sony CCD
TVLs 540TVLs 480TVLs 480TVLs 540TVLs
Lens 3.5~122.4mm f=4.1~73.8mm f=3.9~85.8mm f=3.6~98mm
Zoom 36X Optical Zoom, 12X Electronic Zoom 18X Optical Zoom, 12X Electronic Zoom 22X Optical Zoom, 10X Electronic Zoom 27X Optical Zoom, 10X Electronic Zoom
Horizontal Angle of View 2.3~57.8 2.8~51 3~48 2.4~55
Minimum illumination 0.07Lux/0.01Lux 0.7Lux/0.002Lux 0.5Lux/0.01Lux 0.003Lux/0.0001Lux
S/N ratio > 50dB
Electric shutter 1/50~1/10000s 1/1~1/10000s 1/50~1/12000s
Privacy Zone On Off
IR Induce Yes Yes No No
Color to Black/White No Yes No Yes
Processor Hi3512
Dual Streaming Support
Video Compression H.264 Main Profile@Level 3.0 / MJPEG, optional
Video Resolution 704*576(PAL), 704*480(N)
Video frame rate PAL:1-25fps, N:1-30fps
Video Bitrate 32Kbit/S-16Mbit/S
Audio Compression G.726
Title Overlaid Supports channel name, date, and video stream information overlaid; Adjustable overlaid place
Alarm output 1 channel output, 120VAC 1A/24VDC 1A
Alarm Input 1 channel input, Normally Open/Normally Close modes adjustable
E-mail Based Alert Support
RTSP Protocols Support, you can view live video by VLC player
FTP Protocols Support,auto upload images to a ftp server.
Black light compensation ON/OFF
Mobile Monitor Supports smart mobile phones that are based on Windows Mobile 6, Symbian v3,v5,Android and iPhone.
Consumption less than 30W
Temperature Storage -45 TO 65 °C;
Temperature Operation -40 TO 60 °C;


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