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Home >> Products >> DVR >> D1 DVR >> HK-S4004FD, HK-S4008FD, HK-S4016FD

D1 H.264 standalone network DVR

Model #: HK-S4004FD, HK-S4008FD, HK-S4016FD

d1 h264 network DVR
d1 h 264 DVR
functions of standalone DVR


    H.264 compression, Can Display up to 16 Cameras, Support 16 channel playback simultaneously. Recommended installation areas are Securities Companies, Change Booths, Pawnshops, Jewerlers, Galleries, Exhibition Halls, Department Stores, Convenience Stores, Discount Offices, Hospitals, Police Stations, Subway Stations, Airports, Banks etc.


  1. H.264 compression algorithm ideal for standalone DVR
  2. Realtime live display up to 16 cameras with 720P high definition, 400/480 fps recording for CIF & special channel D1(4CIF) realtime recording
  3. 2U standalone DVR with high performance, widely accepted in the worldwide security industry
  4. 16 channel playback simultaneously
  5. Dual encoding streams flexible for network transmission and mobile phone monitoring
  6. Pentaplex function: live, recording, playback, backup & remote access
  7. 4 HDDs supported, eSATA port & CD-RW/DVD-RW supported
  8. Multiple control methods: front panel, IR remote controller, keyboard, USB mouse and network keyboard
  9. Smart video detection: motion detection, camera blank, video loss
  10. Smart camera settings: privacy masking, camera lock, color setting and title display
  11. Pan Tilt Zoom and Speed Dome Control: more than 60 protocols supported, preset, scan, auto pan, auto tour, pattern, auxiliary function supported.
  12. Easy backup methods: USB devices, CD-RW/DVD-RW & network download
  13. Alarm triggering screen tips, buzzer, PTZ preset, matrix output, e-mail, FTP upload
  14. Smart HDDs Management: non-working HDD hibernation, HDD faulty alarm, Raid function
  15. Powerful network software: built-in web server, multi-DVR client, MSS(mobile phone surveillance software ) & CMS
  16. Networking access for remote live viewing, recording, playback, setting, system status, event log, e-mail & ftp function
  17. Video matrix and loop function


Model No. HK-S4004FD HK-S4008FD HK-S4016FD
Compression Format H.264 / G.711
Operation System Embedded LINUX
User interface GUI, on-screen menu tips.
Main Processor High-performance embedded microcontroller
Control Mode Front panel, USB mouse, IR remote control, Keyboard, Network
System Resources Pentaplex function: live, recording, playback, backup & remote access
System status HDD status, data stream statistics, log record, bios version, on-line user etc.
Video Input BNC x 4, 1.0VP-P,75O BNC x 8, 1.0VP-P,75O BNC x 16, 1.0VP-P,75O
Video looping 4ch 8ch 16ch
Video Output 1 TV, 1 Spot, BNC(1.0Vp-p, 75Ω), 1 VGA, 1 HDMI
Video Standards PAL(625Line,50f/s),NTSC(525Line,60f/s)
Video Privacy Masking 4 self-defined four-sided zones for privacy masking for each camera
Video Resolution D1/4CIF(704*576/704*480); CIF(352*288/352*240) / QCIF(176*144/176*120)
Main Stream Record Speed Channel 1: D1/CIF/QCIF (1~25/30fps); Channel 2~4: CIF/QCIF (1~25/30fps), D1 (1~6fps) Channel 1: D1/CIF/QCIF (1~25/30fps); Channel 2~8: CIF/QCIF (1~25/30fps), D1 (1~6fps) Channel 1 & 9: D1/CIF/QCIF (1~25/30fps); Others Channel: CIF/QCIF (1~25/30fps), D1 (1~6fps)
Extra Stream Speed QCIF(1~25/30fps)
Video Bit Rate 32~2048Kb/s
Video Tour Display Support
Video Image Quality 1~6 level(level 6 is the best, VBR effectively)
Recording Mode Manual, Schedule(Regular(Continuous), MD(Video detection: Motion detection, Camera blank, Video loss), Alarm), Stop
Recording Priority Manual >Alarm >MD >Regular
Recording Interval 1~120 min. (default: 60 min.), Pre-record: 1~30 sec., Post-record: 10~300 sec.
OSD Camera title, time, video loss, camera lock, motion detection, recording
Display Resolution 1280*1024, 1280*720, 1024*768, 800*600
Audio Input 200-2800mV, BNC x 4 200-2800mV, BNC x 8 200-2800mV, BNC x 16
Audio Output 1 channel, BNC(200-3000mV, 5KΩ)
Audio Compression G.711
Audio Bidirectional Talk 1 channel Input, BNC(200-2800mV, 30KΩ), 1 channel Output, BNC(200-3000mV, 5KΩ)
Motion Detection Zones: 396(22*18), Sensitivity: 1~6 (level 6 is highest)
Video Loss & Camera Blank Support
Alarm Input 4 channels 8 channels 16 channels
Relay output 6 channel, 30VDC, 1A, NO/NC, form-C
Hard Disk 4 SATA ports, 4 HDDs or 3 HDDs + 1 CD/DVD-RW, Max 2TB per HDD supported
Space Occupation Audio: 28.8MB/H, Video: 56~500MB/H
HDD Management Hard disk hibernation technology, HDD faulty alarm & Raid (Redundancy)
Recording Mode Manual, continuous, video detection(including motion detection, camera blank, video loss), Alarm
Overwrite Mode Support
Search Mode Time/Date, Alarm, Motion Detection & exact search ( accurate to second)
Playback 1/2/4/All
Playback Functions Play, Pause, Stop, Rewind, Fast play, Slow play, Next file, Previous file, Next camera, Previous camera, Full screen, Repeat, Shuffle, Backup selection, Digital zoom(any size)
Backup Mode Flash drive/ USB HDD/ USB CD/DVD-RW/ eSATA Device / Built-in SATA burner/ Network download
Network nterface RJ-45 Port (10/100M)
Network Functions TCP/IP, UDP, DHCP, DNS, IP Filter, PPPOE, DDNS, FTP, Email, Alarm Server
Network Remote operation Monitor, PTZ control, Playback, System setting, File download, Log information
USB Interface 2 ports, 1 for mouse control, 1 for backup
RS232 keyboard, PC communication
RS485 PTZ control
eSATA 1 port
Power Supply AC 100~240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 25W 30W 40W
Working Temperature -10~+55 degree
Working Humidity 10%- 90%
Atmosphere Pressure 86kpa - 106kpa
Dimension 2U, 440mmx460mmx89mm (W*D*H)
Mounting Desktop or rack
Weight Gross weight:8kg; Net weight:6.5kg


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