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Economical Indoor PTZ camera: HK-GU8277, HK-GU8182, HK-GU8272, HK-GU7270, HK-GU8222

Economical PTZ camera

1)Indoor PTZ Camera
2)128 preset points
3)8 groups multiple cruise, every group 16 preset points.
4)Color 18X, 22X, 27X,36X optics camera module.
5)Baud rate: 1200/2400/4800/9600 optional.
6)Inbuilt multiple protocol, allow any system.


  • Specifications


Economical Indoor PTZ camera

Model number: HK-GU8277, HK-GU8182, HK-GU8272, HK-GU7270, HK-GU8222

27x zoom economical ptz camera


  • 128 preset points
  • 8 groups multiple cruise, every group 16 preset points.
  • programmable setting cruise speed between presets and presets stick time, 1~64 level cruise speed setting and 1~60 second preset stick time.
  • Color 18X, 22X, 27X optical camera module.
  • proportional zooming, reduce pan/tile speed according to zooming level, ensure clear and balanced image, get the best picture.
  • Inbuilt multiple protocol, allow any system.
  • Power-off information protect and inbuilt surge, lightning strike protection device.


Model No. HK-GU8222 HK-GU8182 HK-GU8272 HK-GU8277 HK-GU7270
Image Sensor 1/4 Super HAD CCD 1/4 Sony Exview CCD 1/4 Sony Exview CCD 1/3 Sony Exview CCD 1/4 Sony Exview CCD
All-in-one camera CNB or YOKO Sony 480CP LG or CNB Hyking
Total Pixels 380,000 440,000 440,000 370,000 470,000
Resolution 480TVLs 480TVLs 540TVLs 700TVLs 470TVLs
Lens f=4.1~73.8mm f=3.9~85.8mm f=3.6~87.5mm f=3.6~98mm
Zoom 22X Optical Zoom 10X Digital Zoom 18X Optical Zoom 12X Digital Zoom 27X Optical Zoom 10X Digital Zoom 27X Optical Zoom
Horizontal Angle of View 48.0°(wide), 2.8°(tele) 48.0°(wide),3.0° (tele) 53.0°(wide), 2.4° (tele) 55.0°(wide), 2.4 ° (tele)
Minimum illumination Color 1Lux B/W 0.01Lux Color 0.7Lux B/W 0.002Lux Color 0.003Lux B/W 0.0001Lux Color 0.01Lux B/W 0.005Lux Color 0.5Lux B/W 0.08Lux
S/N Ratio > 50dB
Electric shutter 1/50~1/10000s 1/1~1/10000s 1/50~1/12000s 1/125~1/10000s 1/50~1/12000s
Privacy Zone ON OFF
IR Sensitive Yes No
Day/Night No Yes
level running 360° continuous revolve, 180° auto flip
Rotate speed 0.5°/S-280°/S level shift, 0.5°/S-280°/S upright shift
Presets points quantity 128pcs program speed and stick time
Cruising Route 8 groups multiple cruise, max to 16 preset points every group
Baud rate 1200/2400/4800/9600 optional
Control protocol Multi-Protocols
Proportional zooming Six grade
Power supply 24VAC 3A
Black light compensation ON/OFF
Temperature Storage -50 ~ 65 °C
Temperature Operation -40 ~ 60 °C
Installation option Wall mounting bracket, Suspending installation bracket, in-ceiling
Weight gross weight: 8.5kg; volume weight: 10.04kg
Package Box size: 34 * 36 * 41cm


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