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Home >> Products >> HDVR >> HK-H5004F, HK-H5008F, HK-H5016F

4/8/16CH Effio 960H & IP 1U Hybrid DVR

Model number: HK-H5004F, HK-H5008F, HK-H5016F

4ch hdvr
8ch hdvr
16ch hdvr


  1. 4/8/16ch Effio 960H video & 4ch IP camera inputs
  2. 4ch audio in &1ch audio out
  3. Effio: 4/8ch@960H,16ch@CIF
  4. IPC: Max 50fps@1080p, 100fps@720p, 200fps@960H
  5. HDMI output up to 1080p, VGA
  6. alarm in & relay out Optional, RS485
  7. 4/8/16ch sync realtime playback
  8. 2 SATA, 2 USB, 1RJ45(1000M)
  9. Multi-language Support(English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Simplified Chinese, Chinese-Traditional, Turkish, etc)
  10. Support multi-browser(IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
  11. support 3G & WIFI extension
  12. support P2P,cloud service


Model No. HK-H5004F HK-H5008F HK-H5016F
Main Processor Hi3520D
Operating System Embedded Linux
System resource Multi-channel real-time recording synchronously, multi-channel real-time playback, multi-channel multi-user network operation, USB back up.
Operation interface 16 bit real color GUI interface support mouse operation
Display screen 1/4 1/4/8/9 1/4/8/9/16
Video standard PAL(625 lines, 50fps); NTSC(525lines, 60fps)
Image encode H.264(High Profile)
Monitor quality Monitor: D1; VGA: High Definition; HDMI: High definition
Playback quality 960H/D1/HD1/CIF/QCIF 960H/D1/CIF/QCIF D1/HD1/CIF/QCIF
Encode capability 4ch D1/960H real-time 8ch 960H/D1 real-time 2ch D1+14ch CIF real-time
Decode capability 4ch D1/960H real-time 4ch 960H/D1 real-time 2ch D1+14ch CIF real-time
Multi-mode video input Local analog: 4*D1/4 *960H Local analog: 8*D1/8 *960H Local analog: 16*D1
Local analog + network digital input: 2 *D1+(1*1080P+1*720P)
Motion detection Each channel can set 192(16*12)detection area;can set multi-level of flexibility (for local analog channel only)
Audio compression G711A
Bidirectional talk support
Record mode manual>alarm>motion detection>timing
Local playback Under the local mode : 4*960H,Max support 4ch playback(4*960H @25fps) Under the local mode: 8*D1, Max support 4ch playback(1* D1@25fps) Under the local mode: 2*D1+14*CIF, Max support 8ch playback(2*D1+6*CIF @25fps)
Video search Time, date, event, channel search
Space occupation Video:CIF 4~5G/day*channel, D1 16~20G/day*channel; audio:691.2M/day*channel
Video storage Local HDD, Network
Back up mode Network backup, USB portable HDD, USB DVD/RW, SATA DVD/RW
Video input 4ch BNC 8ch BNC 16ch BNC
Video output 1ch BNC,1ch VGA,1ch HDMI
Video Loop out Not support
Audio input 4ch RCA(200-2800mV,30KΩ) 2ch RCA
Audio output 1ch RCA(200-3000mV,5KΩ)
Alarm input N/A(4chs Optional)
Alarm output N/A(1ch Optional)
Network interface RJ45 10M/100M self-adaptive Ethernet port
PTZ control 1 RS485; support multi kinds of PTZ protocol
USB port 2 * USB2.0
HDD port 1 SATA port(1*4T) 2 SATA port(2*4T)
Wireless port 3G, WIFI(extension via USB port)
Power 12V/3A
Consumption less than 5W(not include H.D.D.)
Working Temperature 0℃ ~ +55℃
Working Humidity 10%~90%
Dimension L233*W300*H45
Weight 1.46KG

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