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Cámara de 2MP KingCCTV IP de la bala ayuda segura de Mcdonald en el EE.UU..


Cámara IP segura KingCCTV McDonalds en EE.UU.

KingCCTV Asegure McDonalds en Arkansas,Estados Unidos

It is a truth universally acknowledged that McDonald’s is a most popular fast-food restaurant and Children, adults and seniors all likes it.
The large flow of people in store everyday is far beyond our imagination.
Por lo tanto, Installing the CCTV system is indispensable

Partnering with 200 sets of KingCCTV 2 MP Bullet IP Camera, Cash Points, Stores and Dinning areas in Mcdonald’s Arkansas,United States are fully secured. Moreover, it is quite easy to view real time video and access it from the mobile device, it is a huge reassurance.

KingCCTV was chosen for Mcdonald’s project because it is leading manufacturer in the CCTV field since 2004 and supplies wide range of products to fulfill a variety of needs.

With this successful case, additional order of 2000 sets camera system have been confirmed in this month.

Below are some live photos for your reference

KingCCTV cámara en McDonalds

Instalar la cámara KingCCTV en McDonalds en EE.UU.

trabajo de cámara en McDonalds_in EE.UU.

Trabajo de cámara IP en KingCCTV McDonalds_in EE.UU.

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